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A and H Farm

A and H Farm
1374 Collins Lane

About Us:

We are a fourth generation family farm.  My grandfather started farming in the 1930’s and the farming gene has been passed down with each generation.  Our children are now growing up on the family farm.

What does the A & H stand for?  Andrea and Hugo.   We have 7 children.  Ben – 14,  Drew – 12,  Suezy – 7,  Ana – 6 (going on 20).  Chrissy – 4, R.J. – 3, and Rebeka our youngest is 6 months old.  They can be found working with us on the farm or at farmers’ market.   Currently Andrea is the President of the Downtown Farmers’ Market of Manhattan and works closely with other farmers’ markets to implement the SNAP program at the markets.

Our farm grows and changes each year.  We add new products, try new things, and modify the way we operate.  In 2015 we added a Hi-Tunnel to our farm to allow us to have produce earlier in the season, later in the season and we were even able to grow product all winter long!  In 2016 we are going to be trying out low tunnels.

As well as produce we also have animals on our farm.  They play a vital role in improving our soil and they are one of my favorite pastimes.  We use the manure from our animals to help fertilize our soil and our animals get the benefit of eating Homegrown Produce whenever we have extra!  We are looking at the option of selling halves and wholes of beef as we have them available.  We only have a few as we are a small operation.

The Pumpkin Patch and U-Pick Strawberry Patch are two major events on our farm.  Each year these activities grow and new activities are added.  Our goal is to provide a fun family place you can visit.  We spend lots of time planning and setting up our farm so that you can enjoy a piece of our farm life.  We hope you come and visit our unique farm!

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