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Alyson's Orchard

57 Alyson’s Lane

Bob Jasse and his wife, Susan, created Alyson's Orchard in the 1980's from the ground up.  Bob discovered the land while flying over the region on his way to a skiing holiday with his family.  Struck by the setting's natural beauty, the former biologist and former CEO of a high-tech firm immediately understood the opportunity he saw below.

In a 1995 interview with The Boston Globe, Bob explained why Alyson's Orchard's land was such a great discovery. "It was virgin ground. It never had apples," he said, "This land is a drumlin, which is a unique feature. It's the remainder of earth left by glaciers that pick up earth as they move."  The rich soil the glacier left behind nurtured not only the Jasses' fruit trees but the foundations of a community that has grown  up around them.

Alyson's Orchard was named in memory for the youngest of Bob's seven children, who died as an infant. Bob Jasse passed away in 2008, but his legacy lives on through his wife's stewardship. Everyone who visits Alyson's Orchard marvels at its natural beauty and everyone who enjoys a freshly picked apple honors his vision.

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