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Amazing Acres

Amazing Acres
3445 Deason Road

About Us:

Welcome to Amazing Acres. Down on the farm we are always busy. Our farm currently produces tobacco, strawberries, hay and all types of farm livestock, most of which are raised and spoiled rotten with love.

Along with livestock, you will be able to experience some of Kentucky's wild side with the hands on care our ever changing variety of Kentucky wildlife being cared for by Natalie Wells Allison, state licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. Due to human imprinting and injuries, some of the animals brought to the farm become a permanent part of the ever-growing family. Yes, family! Most all of the animals are spoiled rotten and love to be petted.

Natalie has been a rehabilitator since she was 4 years old when she kept her pet flies in a match box. Her love for animals along with many blessings from God, has led to the creation of the family farm being turned into teaching tools of heritage experiences and up close and personal experiences with wildlife. We hope you will give us a chance to share our blessings with you by coming to visit our farm.

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