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American West Heritage Center

American West Heritage Center
4025 South Hwy 89-91


The American West Heritage Center (AWHC) is a living history museum located in northern Utah’s Cache Valley at the foot of the Wellsville Mountains. The AWHC was organized in 1995 when two Utah State University programs, the Ronald V. Jensen Historical Farm and the Festival of the American West, merged to form a non-profit foundation. The AWHC is under a contractual agreement with Utah State University to manage nearly 300 acres of open space, historical buildings and related structures. The Foundation’s activities are centered around and focus on the preservation of the living history within the time period of 1820-1920.

The AWHC utilizes its picturesque setting to tell the story of the history of the American West for this time period. This unique story is told through living history and live reenactment venues, school group field trips, summer camps, museum exhibits, live demonstrations, workshops, seasonal festivals and events, student internships, handcart treks (in conjunction with Utah Department of Natural Resources) and other activities that target a wide variety of visitors.


"Create an educational and entertaining environment that inspires our patrons to learn, live, and celebrate the American West Heritage by exploring the diverse cultures that shaped the Cache Valley and surrounding region from 1820 to 1920."

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