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Burley Straw Maze

Burley Straw Maze
500 South 845 East

About the Burley Straw Maze:

The Burley Straw Maze is built with large straw bales stacked two high, which form straw walls that are 8 feet high and 4 feet thick.  Almost 1,000 straw bales have been used this year to send you on a journey of twists, turns and dead ends.

The actual area of the maze is dwarfed in comparison to a corn maze, however the average time it takes to get through is about the same.  Also, in a straw maze, you are not able to cut through the walls and dead ends like you may have done in a corn maze.  Tromping through corn stalks is much easier than trying to walk through a 4 foot wall of straw!

We have been confusing folks since 2009 and hope to do the same this year.  We invite you to come out and try your luck!  Just so you know, when you come to the Burley Straw Maze, we'll let you go through as many times as you want when it is not haunted.  When it is haunted, we allow everyone to go through once because it tends to take longer and we want everyone to get the same scary adventure as the next person.

The maze tends to stay 10-15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, so if it seems a bit chilly, come on out anyways.  You're sure to stay warmer inside the maze and we also serve hot chocolate and other treats to warm you from the inside out and to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Additionally, we do not allow open flames of any kind and absolutely NO SMOKING.  We also do not allow running within the maze, climbing on the bales, or anything of that nature.  We want you to have fun, but also want to create a safe family environment for everyone.

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