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Clark's Elioak Farm

Clark's Elioak Farm
10500 Clarksville Pike (State Route 108)

About Us:

Clark's Farm is part of the farming operation of the Clark family, which is proud to be entering it's 217th year of farming in Howard County (actually Howard County in only 150 years old, prior to that we were part of Anne Arundel County).   Over those years we have raised crops and a variety of animals and run a dairy operation, but the main link between the seven generations of farmers in our branch of the Clark family has been raising beef cattle.

The sixth and seventh generation, Martha Clark and Nora Crist, are pleased to be providing for the first time to the retail market, our 100% grass fed beef.   Our goal is to provide our neighbors with a local source of pasture-raised,  grass-finished beef, an alternative to the feedlot-raised, corn-fed beef that is prevalent in local stores.

In the past three years we have also begun offering pasture raised pork and free range chicken eggs for sale. Just like our beef, our pigs and chickens are raised without the use of synthetic hormones, routine antibiotics, or steroids. In addition to what our pigs and chickens forage in their pastures, they are supplemented with a blend of non-GMO grains (not from genetically modified organisms) and extra produce from our chemical free farm garden.

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