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Club Lake Plantation

Club Lake Plantation
3403 Rock Springs Rd.

As the sun rises over the orange groves of the South, mist fades to unveil one of America's greatest hidden treasures, Club Lake Plantation. Its 43 acres have been a lakefront haven and tranquil escape for family, friends and guests for more than 25 years as it evolved into a luxurious place of breathtaking scenery and pleasurable pastimes.

The charm of Club Lake captivated Randy and Carol Suggs and inspired their own dream of sharing a magical property with good food and friends.  The Suggs' vision for Club Lake Plantation became a reality and began to create a tradition of Southern hospitality, and cherished experiences.

Through the years, Club Lake has welcomed guests from the far reaches of the globe as well as nearby neighbors, with the genuine Southern hospitality and personal attention that have become the estate's hallmark. Today, Proprietor Carol Suggs continues and pushes the family's tradition of hospitality and service.

More than 30 years ago, Club Lake Plantation was founded on the idea of creating a home with good friends,and family. Today, the plantation continues to share its southern hospitality and a true sense of place with all that visit. Escape to the groves of  Florida and experience all that Club Lake Plantation has to offer.

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