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Cross E Ranch

Cross E Ranch
3500 North 2200 West


Our name comes from the brand we use on our cattle, +E.  This brand is one of the oldest brands west of the Mississippi! The Jeremy Family, well known in Utah, was the first to own the brand and they used it for over a century.  David Hinckley began leasing the farm from Tom Jeremy in the 1960's where he leased both Jeremy's land and his cows. It was terribly hard work farming on these alkali flats and taking on an old herd of cows. You see, the Jeremys were sheep herders, not cattlemen, and they did not have good cows. Regardless, Dave was able to help Tom by actually making him a little money on his old cows. Dave loved to work and he worked non-stop building his cow operation.  Tom Jeremy, who didn't have any sons, looked to Dave for his expertise and drive and Dave became like a son to him.  They worked many years together. In the Seventies Dave had the opportunity to finally buy his own herd of cattle. Tom helped him to finance the purchase and for that kindness, Dave told Tom he would use his brand and keep it going strong. Dave Hinckley continued to work hard and created one of the best herds of Angus cattle around this area. We continue to use the cross E brand today. It is one of sentiment and meaning to our family. We love Cross E Ranch!

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