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Drumheller's Orchard

Drumheller's Orchard
1130 Drumheller Orchard Lane


Drumheller's Orchard was established in 1937, when Everette (E.O.) and Eva Drumheller purchased the property from the Horsley Family; once an unattended farm with abandoned fruit trees.

The land was then cultivated and new orchards were started which included peach and apple trees. The original packing shed was built in the early 40's and would undergo expansions three times. Darrell Drumheller started working the farm with his parents in 1957, playing major role in the orchard's history with the design of a 110 gallon apple butter kettle with an electric stirrer. Darrell's three sons worked on the farm after they finished school. His daughter helped out at different times. Kevin remained on the farm and began to manage the farm with his mother Doris, after Darrell's death in 2005. Kevin's daughter Morgan joined the family operation in 2008, and has contributed by developing the website and other marketing tools. She also helps with sales, festival, and school groups in the fall.

The fall festival began in the 70's with apple butter making and selection of apples. Todays festivals include hayrides to the pumpkin patch and corn maze, 2 apple sling shots, crafter, food vendors, live music, fresh cider, apple pies, cakes, and a good family atmosphere.

By continuously planting more varieties of peaches and apples each year it has allowed us to expand our harvest and distribution seasons. A new sales area and kitchen has been added where pies, cakes, jams, jellies, ice cream, cobblers, and more will be made.

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