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Family Affar Farm

Family Affar Farm
30091 Rabbit Hill Road

Experience an old tyme family tradition on the shore!!!!

In the Berry Beginning...

with thoughts of leaving a job Donna truly loved there was a yearning to come back home to be closer to the farm. A more simple life was drawing her home to open the first U-pick strawberry patch in Talbot County. She wanted to share a true and unique family experience. This was not going to be just any strawberry patch, but one that friends and families could get away from the busyness of life and enjoy time with each other. So with a just short drive outside Easton, Maryland you can pick nutritious locally grown strawberries. This patch would be the first of its kind in Talbot County. She was excited to begin a business of her own. With fond memories of picking strawberries with her grandmother Tressie, Donna wanted to share this experience with other families and hopefully start new memories for them. So in the fall of 2012 Donna and her best friend Nicole, who had fond memories herself of picking strawberries with her pap, headed to Charlotte, North Carolina for their first ever strawberry conference. They remember feeling a little overwhelmed after hearing all that goes into growing strawberries. However, their excitement won out, and before they knew it, they had Bobby and the rest of their crazy family on board and excited as well. They started the process to get the field ready for the first planting in the fall of 2013. After much studying, attending many meetings, and countless phone calls to Terri for advice, Family Affair Farm started gearing up for a patch of their very own to open spring 2014! In June 2013 they nervously ordered 11,000 strawberry plants and excitedly waited for them. On August 18th the plants arrived and reality set in. After all the months and years planning the time was finally here and on August 20th, with the help from Terri and Jeff and countless family and friends, Family Affair planted their very first strawberry patch. We are very excited to share our love for farming and strawberries with you. So grab you friends and family and come experience an old tyme family tradition on the shore!!

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