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Shaw Orchards

Shaw Orchards
5594 Norrisville Road


The Shaw family has deep roots reaching back seven generations. The family farm began in 1841 when Jacob Yost, a shoemaker purchased the land. His son, Charles Yost, built the family's farmhouse in 1860. It is still home to the family, 10 feet north of the Mason Dixon Line. Charles' grandson, Russell Shaw, planted the first commercial fruit trees in 1909.

Russell's son, Clay, expanded the operation after he returned from World War II, planting Red Delicious and other popular apple varieties. His son, Glenn, returned to the farm in the 70's after earning advanced degrees in food science and horticulture. Glenn's wife, Mary Sue, became a familiar face at the farm market, and continues to manage it today as she has done for nearly 30 years. The seventh generation, Barron, provides technical support and web management for the orchard. 

Shaw Orchards has become more diverse in recent years, offering the latest and most exciting varieties of apples and peaches. For example, we were the first orchard in the area to offer Cameo, a new apple featured recently in the New York Times. In addition to high quality fruit, we also offer a full line of custom-made jams, jellies, salad dressings, and dessert mixes. One visit to our roadside market and you will be sure to appreciate our commitment to quality. Once the original orchard packing house, the market now welcomes customers to its doors, offering them quality produce and friendly service. 

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