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Strohmer's Farm

Strohmer's Farm
3501 Hernwood Rd

About Us:

For over 80 years, the Strohmer Family have been farming in Woodstock. It started with our grandparents who raised dairy cattle and chickens, selling their eggs and milk locally and at markets. Carrying on the traditions taught him, our father began raising pigs and beef cattle and selling freezer meat  locally. The third generation continues that tradition, adding meat goats to our repertoire in 2009. The superior genetics of our animals continues to produce high quality choice cuts of meat. We take pride in carrying on the family traditions and values that we now pass along to you , our customers, in our products.

Opening The Meat Shack in 2014, we made a conscious choice to be part of the sustainable movement. It allows us to provide better meats to local residents  from around the greater Woodstock area. Our shop is as much about sustainability and food education as it is about superior quality meats.

Our customers can tell the difference and that is what brings them back. Come by the farm, we're happy to talk with you about our practices and products and what makes our meat different. We promise you the trip is worth it.

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